Silgan Vision and Values

We will achieve excellence in all we do and be recognized as best in class. We will Partner with our Customers and Suppliers to drive improvement in our business.

Silgan Containers Story

We will add value to our customers by providing innovative solutions, highest quality and outstanding service, while meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

We will achieve this by being a great place to work where our people are trained and inspired to be the best they can be.

"Our goal is to be best in class."

— Silgan leadership

Respect, Diversity and The Drive To Succeed


At Silgan, our work ethic is simple — respect your employees and reward accomplishments accordingly. The quality and service we provide to our customers is a direct result of hard-working people who are motivated to compete and win. Their accomplishments attract the resources required to build and maintain a successful business.

Maintaining the Highest Standards of Ethical Behavior

Our industry is highly dependent on long-term relationships. We have been dealing with the same customers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, communities and trade associations for decades. There is a tremendous amount of human interaction in working with customers and suppliers, operating manufacturing facilities, managing research and development centers and coordinating administrative operations.

Silgan’s objective is two-fold — to operate successfully in this environment…
and to be leaders.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior in our internal and external relationships, engendering employee pride in the conduct as well as the achievements of the organization. We promote and reward excellence in the performance of our people because we believe this is the primary way to achieve a competitive advantage.

Management Development Program

Topnotch People Wanted

Silgan Containers offers a two-year Production Management Development Program for people with a superior aptitude for mechanics and the potential to manage complex manufacturing operations at one of our numerous metal food can manufacturing facilities.

The two-year Production Management Development Program is designed for mechanical engineers, machinists, tool and die makers, and others with strong leadership, mechanical and engineering skills.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be qualified to serve as Production Supervisors in Silgan Containers’ facilities and will be assigned to a manufacturing plant. Further advancement will depend on individual leadership, management ability and the capacity to assume greater responsibility.

Silgan is committed to the progression of its employees and has a history of career employees who continue to experience challenging and rewarding careers.

"Our people have made us who we are: a leader in metal food packaging."

— Silgan leadership

  1. 26–30 weeks in on-the-job training

    Management Trainees work with experienced employees to learn to operate, maintain and adjust all can-making equipment.
  2. 22–26 weeks in special projects

    During this flexibly scheduled period, Management Trainees may work on projects assigned by the Superintendent in Charge or gather additional experience in a particular area.
  3. One year as a student supervisor

    Management Trainees report directly to Plant Managers and carry out assigned responsibilities. Management Trainees are not considered full-fledged Production Supervisors until they are close to the end of the second year of training.

In addition, trainees are given a reading list of technical and general management books to round out their hands-on training.


  • Looking out for you

  • Taking care of our people

  • The rewards of leadership

  • Competitive compensation

Silgan offers a competitive total compensation package where employees are rewarded for their efforts. We understand the impact of employee commitment on our business and our benefits program is designed to maximize that commitment.

We also understand that having a rewarding personal and family life is as important to our employees as a successful career. We believe the benefits we offer
can help you achieve an optimal balance between
work and home.

Here is a brief listing of the benefits package that Silgan offers to salaried employees and their families. Benefits for hourly employees will vary by location.

  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Life Insurance / Accidental Death Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Sick leave / Long-Term Disability
  • Retirement
  • Educational Assistance
  • Holidays / Vacation
  • Relocation

Healthcare and Retirement Benefits

For questions related to these benefit programs, salaried employees and applicants should call the Benefits Department in Woodland Hills.

Hourly employees should contact their plant benefit representative.

Access Additional Information

Silgan provides a comprehensive range of benefits for you and your family. The information presented here is only an overview of these benefits. Upon becoming an employee you will receive more complete written benefit information called Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for all benefit programs. Also, during a new employee orientation, additional information about Silgan benefits will be provided. Silgan reserves the right to change, modify or terminate any or all benefit plans at any time.

Current Openings

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Career Events Calendar

Silgan Containers participates in technical, professional and military recruiting events and college career job fairs across the country. Review the list of upcoming events and locations below and contact HR for any additional information on participation.